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Tammy Rowe Forever In Our Hearts


None of us were expecting the sudden death of Tammy and we are deeply saddend by it. While we are shocked and filled with grief, we know Tammy would want us to celebrate her life instead of mourning. With that in mind, Moving Forward will be holding a ceremony Sunday September 12th @ 3pm contact office for address & location as we celebrate Tammy and her life.



Rehabilitation Specialist Job Description

Employment Opportunity Available


Moving Forward is currently looking for a licensed practitioner available to work part time(20hrs per week, on & offsite). The individual would be responsible for the management and development of the rehabilitative strategies that are implemented by our Family Service Counselor (FSCs).


In addition, ability to assist in gaining and utilizing the necessary skills to particiate in their identified areas successfully.


Specialized skills and credentials are required upon entry which include; you must be a licensed mental health professional, good leadership qualities, able to work independently and with the team.


Please forward your letter of interest or resume to: Chauncey@mfprp.com


Close knit team that will work exclusively with therapists, clinicians, and other related agencies to ensure the specific needs of our target population. Partner with community leaders to help provide resources for an individual who wants to move in a positive direction. No one wants to walk through life alone, Moving Forward provides a supportive environment & access to professional treatment for people who suffer with mental illness and/or substance abuse iisues. The battle is tough but we're up for the challenge. Come be apart of the solution.






























*Social Skills  (Being able to communicate efficiently and learning to set boundaries through communication).

*Housing Needs (Helping gain residential and independent living)

*Mediation Management

*Community Integration

*Cultural Interest

*Personal/ Community Safety

*Relationship Building











From The President

To Our Clients, Constituents & Partners,

Moving Forward continues to be at your service during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) 

Pandemic.  We want you to know that we will continue to stay in touch through tele and video contact with you; ensuring that your needs are met and reminding you that we’re all here for you.

Stay in touch with your Family Service Counselor, your Therapist and our Office Staff.

Follow the CDC guidelines: Wash your hands often: Stay socially distanced: 

Wear a mask!

We will get through this together!



Moving Forward Adult Services from it's inception, is the result of working with adults that have mental health disorders and watching their struggle to obtain and retain basic needs. It has been proven that the appropriate support systems and exposures can be a huge asset in turning a life around.